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Each of the workshops I attended taught me something that I still think about to this day. If we could all practice listening, really listening, to the views and thoughts of others, I feel that our whole culture could change and the world really would be a better place!

Nancy Green
Deena Roskies

Sharon Gubbay Helfer has been my listening teacher through recent years. The skills I am acquiring from her are life-changing. 

There is no panacea for pain, anger, loss and hardship. Conflict is part of life. We live with uncertainty. Clarity and confusion dance together. But skillful listening provides power and agency in times of difficulty.  Sharon is both a teacher of listening skills and an inspired artist in listening.

Workshop participants
  • Sharon is a masterful instructor; she is clear, gives multiple illustrations, comes well prepared and stays very open and present throughout each session

  • Expectations were met and surpassed.

  • I definitely feel that I learned what I hoped to learn. I would say that the workshop exceeded my expectations

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