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I have the great good fortune to do the work I love. Though details change from one project to another, the passions that propel me remain: First, a love of my fellow humans and a fierce desire to understand us, what we are made of and what drives us as we find our way across the landscape of history and heritage we are born into. Second, a fascination with why we continually set ourselves up against each other despite the clear fact of our shared humanity.

One current and developing project is my ongoing facilitation of Compassionate Listening workshops and practice groups, now including remote sessions. I continue as well to work on an oral history project together with colleagues at Montreal’s Concordia University and the Université de Montréal, funded by the Canadian government and entitled Rabbis and Imams in 21st century Montreal. 

Although I am still based in Montreal, as of March 2020 and for two years, I am located in San Antonio, Texas.

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